Genial Houses - Heating, air-conditioning... savings

Heating & air-conditioning savings

Sustainability, ecology and energy saving are very important to us. The energy prices will very likely raise, therefore an investment in insulation to reduce the energy consumption of the house is always a good investment. The thermal insulation is decisive to obtain energy-efficient buildings. With our technology (Genial Panel®) you can reach up to 5 times thermal insulation (transmittance) than concrete-based or traditional systems. Also up to 8 times higher fire insulation than the required by law.

Genial Houses - Passive construction and high energy efficiency

Passive construction and high energy efficiency

Our panels (Genial Panel®) are designed to make highly efficient houses or buildings with minimum energy consumption (NZEB: Near Zero Energy Buildings). In fact, they are based on the light wood framing system used in the passive and eco-friendly houses of Sweden, Norway... Thanks to the high thermal resistance and safety of our Genial Panel® walls or panels your house can easily achieve a Passivhaus, BREEAM or LEED certification.

Genial Houses - Always on time fast building

Always on time fast building

With our industrialized system, we solve one of the biggest problems of the "in situ" traditional construction: unpredictable execution deadlines.

With the unique modular construction system of Genial Houses®, we build most of your house at our warehouses/workshops. That way we thoroughly plan, predict and optimize all processes, hence we deliver your house always on time. Also thanks to this system your house has a better performance & features with the minimum time possible.

Genial Houses - Reliability and warranty

Reliability and warranty

Our construction system is based on the most advanced wood technology. This technology allows us to manufacture most or all your house in our warehouses/workshops. That way you get the maximum value for your money, the maximum reliability possible and the guarantee of a home with the best features for the price.

Genial Houses - Why our construction system?

Why our construction system?

- Excellent stability and resistance to humidity. Panel for the construction of floors, walls and roofs.
- No thermal bridges (no losses of temperature between the interior and the exterior of the house).
- Finishes almost without maintenance both for the exterior and interior.
- High energy efficiency that improves the thermal behavior of the building.
- Savings in energy consumption.
- Hygrometric self-regulation (auto regulates the humidity in the interior)

1. Interior plasterboard cladding.
2. Thermal insulation.
3. Wood structure.
4. Thermal insulation with expanded polystyrene.
5. Stability panel.
6. Waterproofing
7. Exterior cladding