Our architecture studio, will optimize the design of your home to achieve:

Advantages Genial Houses

You can choose the finishes you desire such as:


Pladur Pladur

Wood Wood

Painted Painted

Wood (Eucalyptus) Wood (Eucalyptus)

Tiled Tiled

Painted Painted

Eucalyptus wood ceiling Eucalyptus wood ceiling

Natural wood ceiling Natural wood ceiling

Painted ceiling Painted ceiling


Concrete Concrete

Natural wood parquet Natural wood parquet

Ceramic tiling Ceramic tiling

Parquet Parquet

Vinyl Vinyl

Stoneware Stoneware

Windows and doors

Larch wood Larch wood

Aluminum Aluminum

Wood Wood


Stucco Stucco

Tremolo Tremolo

Ventilated stone Ventilated stone

Ventilated ceramic Ventilated ceramic

Ventilated metallic Ventilated metallic

Lined wood Lined wood


Gravel roof Gravel roof

Green roof Green roof

Wood roof Wood roof

H models

XPAND model

Custom fit houses


CUBE models

2 story houses

SLIM models

Small houses

Other buildings

FRAME models

LONG models